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About Us

Yealm Valley Building Services Van

I have been building for 32 Years now. Along with an ever changing cast of other tradesmen we have completed a lot of high quality varied work.
My original training as a yacht builder engendered a focus on quality and detail that has always influenced my approach.

The FMB, Zurich Structural Warranty, and the Institute of Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom Installers, have all accepted our membership over the years but I have let the memberships lapse as I currently see no benefit.

I try to never have more than one project underway at the same time and am personally involved in all of them full time.
Some days its just me, but on one project we employed 28 men.

Total honesty is promised, some customers even let me have a credit card for materials purchases.
I have never had a criminal record.

I think you would appreciate our approach to your project - big or very small.

Sorry if we are already too busy to help you this time but do get in touch, and thanks in advance for your enquiry.

Yealm Valley is a trading name for Devon Residential Ltd . My wife and I are the sole owners of Devon Residential Ltd.

Company number 4424429; Reg Office 8 Elm Tree Park, Yealmpton Devon PL8 2ED.

Kevin Poole